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These days, your day job income seems to have to stretch further and further.  Under the Covid banner, things have quietly increased in price. Everything such as food, utilities, and petrol, all of a sudden cost more than they did pre Covid. And basically, we just have to suck it up.  What else can we do?

Well, we need to find ways to offset those additional outgoings and try and at least keep ahead of the game. But there are only so many hours in a day, and who wants to be working two jobs, when one is stressful enough.

So you need to find a money-making idea, that you can do from home, and Ebay, is the answer to your problems.

Before you groan and say either that you can’t get the hang of it, or it’s too much hassle, let me assure you that I’ve been eBaying for many, many years, and firstly, if I can do it, you definitely can, and I’ve had little to no hassle throughout 10 plus years of having my eBay account.  I’ve had the odd niggle, but the positives of it all far outweigh the negatives.


You can sell anything on eBay, probably not wise to advertise your Granny, but there’s a first for everything.

When you need to boost your income, but can’t think what to sell, just look around your home, and there is your answer. Honestly, anything is saleable.  We all gather so much ‘stuff’ in our lives.  Just think about your kitchen as a starting point. How many gadgets do you have that you never use, but keep, ‘just in case’.

The ice cream maker, the Nutribullet, the waffle maker.  There is one of those lurking in most cupboards, unused, unloved, unneeded.  So sell it.

Clothes and shoes are the obvious contenders too. Those Levi’s 501’s that you love so much, but are a 32” waist, are never going to fit you again, but they are worth LOTS to a vintage collector who still does have a 32” waist!

That rabbit-skin coat from the ’80s is not so user-friendly now in 2021, but someone will love it. Trust me.   There is money in everything, and every little helps when your income suddenly needs to stretch further than usual.


It’s very very easy to set up an eBay account.  Follow the online guidance and you’ll soon be up and running. You need a bank account and a mobile phone, and once your account is confirmed, you can go ahead and list your first item.  Many people buy a few cheap things first to get some positive feedback, which gives other purchasers confidence to buy from you.


Once you’ve scoured your house and sold off the family treasures, you need to find a constant source of items to sell. In the summer, car boot sales are the most obvious option to find eBay stock. You’ll likely be able to pick up things for £1.00-£3.00 which can then be sold on at a profit.

During the winter, charity shops, and Facebook Marketplace are a constant source of items to sell.  Never ever get concerned about the fact that you are buying from charity shops, to sell on, and make a profit.  Simply because the charity shop has sold the item, it’s generated its income, it’s paid its way, and created a profit for the charity shop. Everyone is happy, it’s a win-win situation.

I buy from charity shops on a weekly basis sometimes spending £50 at a time. I definitely don’t feel guilty, and neither should you. Re-selling is big business. There are Facebook groups, and Instagram pages just dedicated to buying and selling secondhand stuff on eBay.

There is so much potential in buying and selling on eBay.  When Twitter is Down, it’s time to start a side hustle. Go for it!









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